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What Age Do Kids Get Braces?

What Age Do Kids Get Braces?

Childhood is an incredible time of growth and change. Your child’s smile is also going through many transformations during these years. While it’s common for your child to have uneven or gapped teeth as they grow up, you may be wondering when is the right time to consider braces? How early does it make sense for your child to get braces? 

It’s only natural to want what’s best for your child. Learn more about braces and how they can help your child’s smile. 

Why Do Kids Usually Get Braces?

Every child has a one-of-a-kind smile that develops uniquely. There is no hard-and-fast starting point for starting treatment, but the American Association of Orthodontists says that it’s best to start visiting an orthodontist by the time the child reaches seven.

Some common reasons for visiting an orthodontist include: 


3D rendering of the gums, teeth, jaw and surrounding bone structure.


3D rendering of an underbite.

Extremely crowded teeth

3D rendering of a set of crooked bottom teeth.

Uneven teeth

Top-down 3D rendering of a set of crooked bottom teeth.

Twisted teeth

3D rendering of a set of crooked bottom teeth.

We offer a free observation program to monitor your child’s growing smile. Regular screenings let you develop a comfortable relationship before your child needs treatment. Plus, your kid will get to enjoy some pretty sweet perks by joining our V.I.P. club.

At What Age Should Kids Get Braces?

It’s always a great time to start your kid’s smile journey. Usually children start orthodontic treatment when they are between 9-14 years old. Starting treatment during this time makes sense because it’s after the baby teeth have fallen out. Although the permanent teeth have emerged, the structures of the mouth are still flexible. 

Sometimes, we recommend Phase 1 treatment for children. Phase 1 treatment — also known as early interceptive treatment — uses appliances like partial braces, retainers, or expanders to encourage a healthy smile. 

Children who receive Phase 1 treatment usually don’t start their second phase until a couple of years after completing their first Phase. We will monitor their growth while they are in-between phases. Once your child is ready for the next step, we will start Phase 2 treatment. 

No matter when you start treatment, we have many options for your child including Invisalign, self-ligating braces, clear braces, traditional metal braces and more! We have flexible financing options that can fit anyone’s budget. 

Get A Free Exam From Lund Orthodontics

It’s always the right time to start thinking about your child’s smile. For two generations, we have helped people give their children the gift of a natural smile. Whether you are interested in free observation appointments or starting Phase 1 Treatment, our professionals are ready to help start your child’s smile journey. 

Contact us now by calling (425-335-5700), texting (844-261-3411), or using our online scheduler to reserve your free exam. 

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