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Self-Ligating Braces

It’s always a smart decision to invest in your health. Self-ligating braces let you achieve your smile goals while enjoying a less conspicuous treatment. Learn more about the comfort and style of self-ligating braces during your free exam.

What Are Self-Ligating Braces and How Do They Work?

Self-ligating braces are quickly becoming one of the most popular braces options available. These braces use a self-ligating bracket that keeps the archwire set on the bracket. They use ultra-light force to move your teeth into a more ideal placement gradually. The bracket blends easily into your mouth, so get to enjoy a less conspicuous alignment.

 Lund Orthodontics has helped many people achieve a head-turning smile with self-ligating braces. Learn more about self-ligating braces during your free exam.

What Are The Benefits of Self-Ligating Braces?

There’s a reason why so many orthodontists are recommending self-ligating braces for their patients. In addition to providing an overall enjoyable treatment experience, self-ligating braces allow patients to enjoy: 

Efficient placement

Self-ligating braces fit easily into your mouth. We select archwires and brackets that are calibrated to accommodate your needs.

Increased comfort

Because of low-profile brackets and no ties, some patients report feeling more comfortable during treatment.

Appearance options

Self-ligating braces let you experience the life-changing benefits of braces without having to worry about your appearance. With a low-profile design that seamlessly blends in with your mouth, you don’t have to worry about your braces being visible to onlookers.


The brackets and archwires of self-ligating braces are made of tough materials that can handle the demands of almost any lifestyle!

Are You A Good Candidate For Self-Ligating Braces?


Self-ligating braces allow many people to experience greater comfort during their treatment. These braces can be an excellent option for people with crowding, gaps, or bite issues. Many patients love that these braces allow for a pleasant alignment experience. 

However, they are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Only an experienced orthodontist can advise your treatment needs. During your free exam, we will evaluate your needs and develop the best plan for your requirements. In addition to self-ligating braces, we offer clear braces, Invisalign, and traditional braces. 

No matter your needs, we are confident that we can find the right treatment plan for you.

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At Lund Orthodontics, we don’t believe that any two people or their smiles need the same type of treatment. That’s why we create unique treatment plans for every patient. All of our patients enjoy the perks of a new smile with the bonus of a lifetime guarantee. 

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