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Join The VIP Club

Earn rewards for every visit by becoming part of our VIP club. Collect smiles by spreading positivity, referring a friend, or even just losing a tooth!

The best part is you can cash in your points for awesome prizes. It really does pay to spread positivity, huh?

How Do I Earn Smiles?

Earning points is easy. Earn 1, 3, 5, or even 15 smiles by completing fun challenges and spreading the love.

Download your own Smile Rewards card below, and start earning rewards instantly.

What Can I Buy With My Smiles?

Once you have enough smiles, you’ll be able to redeem them for a gift card of your choice. You can use the gift card to get a Starbucks drink or a new pair of jeans, or even put it toward a special item you’ve been saving up for — it’s up to you!

Check out all your awesome options below and remember, the more you spread positivity, the more smiles you’ll earn!

Ready For Our VIP Challenge?

Hit the Smiles Jackpot by completing our V.I.P. Challenge! Each task will challenge you to help others and spread positivity. From helping your parents set the table to telling a friend your favorite joke, complete the Victory in Positivity Challenge for 15 smiles!

Print out the form below and have your parent or guardian initial each completed task and redeem your card to start adding smiles to your smile card!

Let’s Spread Positivity Together!

Small gestures make big impressions. Our mission at Lund Orthodontics is to help everyone who walks through our doors achieve a radiant smile but, more importantly, be a part of our community. We want every young patient to learn the value of kindness and spreading positivity. If you want to help us with our mission, join our Positive Thinking Campaign!

Give us a call or email at to learn how you can become a part of our team.

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