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How to Use Orthodontic Wax

How to Use Orthodontic Wax

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Orthodontic wax — also called dental wax or braces wax — is a safe, natural product that provides a barrier between your braces and the inside of your mouth. Orthodontic wax is made with beeswax, carnauba wax, or paraffin. The wax is often flavorless, but some varieties come flavored with mint, cherry, or bubblegum.

Keep reading to learn how orthodontic wax can help you during treatment!

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When to Use Dental Wax

During treatment, there are a few instances in which orthodontic wax is used in small quantities to provide relief in specific areas of your mouth, including:

  • Relieving mild, temporary irritation you may experience from your brackets or wires rubbing inside of your mouth. Orthodontic wax is beneficial when your braces are placed because your cheek tissue may need a little time to adapt to the new sensation.
  • Protecting your mouth if part of your equipment disconnects or breaks. It’s not uncommon for a bracket or wire to come loose during treatment. Using orthodontic wax to cover a loose piece can provide comfort while you make an emergency appointment. 
  • Covering your teeth if they are chipped or damaged. Patients who play sports or participate in contact activities should wear a mouthguard to protect their teeth during treatment. If you experience a chipped or damaged tooth, you can apply dental wax until you see your dentist.

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How to Apply Wax to Braces

Now that you know what orthodontic wax is and when to use it, you may wonder how to put wax on braces. For easy application, follow these steps: 

Wash your hands: Washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds will prevent bacteria from spreading.

Brush your teeth: Food particles and bacteria can build between your braces. Be sure to brush your teeth before using the wax to prevent tooth decay. Dry the problem area with a tissue or cotton swab to ensure the wax adheres. 

Mold a pea-shaped ball of wax: A little wax goes a long way. Pinch off a quarter-inch piece and roll it into a ball for five seconds to make it soft.

Apply the wax: Gently press the wax onto the problem spot with your finger. You can rub the area with your tongue or finger to ensure it holds firm and covers the affected area. You can add new wax if it chips or moves.

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How to Remove Wax from Braces

Remove orthodontic wax for braces with your fingers, a toothpick, dental floss, or interdental bush.

Can You Wear Wax on Braces While Sleeping?

Yes, you can sleep with orthodontic wax on your braces. The wax is safe — even if swallowed — and will help you sleep more comfortably.

How Often Should You Replace Dental Wax

How long does dental wax last? You should change wax every two days to prevent food particles and bacteria from collecting. We advise you to avoid eating and drinking with the wax on your teeth and reapplying more after you eat and brush.

Where Can You Buy Dental Wax for Braces?

We will provide you with dental wax after placing your braces. You can find other waxes at most major pharmacies or online if you need more, or prefer another brand.

Sugar-free bubble gum is an excellent alternative to dental wax. Sticks of gum are preferable because they are easier to chew. Gum with a hard outside is more challenging to use as orthodontic wax. 

To use sugar-free gum as orthodontic wax, start by placing the gum in your mouth for a few seconds. Once the gum becomes pliable, you can mold it into a small ball and apply it to any area where you would also use orthodontic wax. 

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