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How Loose Brackets Happen and How to Fix Them

How Loose Brackets Happen
and How to Fix Them

Braces are made with strong, technologically advanced materials, but it is possible that a bracket or wire may come loose during your treatment. If this happens, don’t panic. There are ways to handle it until your orthodontist can repair it for you.

Let’s look at what to do if a bracket comes loose and the best ways to prevent it from happening.

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Braces Bracket Loose? How Did it Happen?

Your orthodontist attaches the brackets to the center of each tooth with a special adhesive strong enough to hold your braces in place during treatment. The bracket may come loose for many reasons, including: 

  • Eating hard or sticky foods such as candy, chips, nuts, ice, gum, or chewy bread.
  • Suffering a mouth injury while playing sports.
  • Chewing your nails, pens, pencils, and other hard objects.
  • Biting directly on the braces after the teeth move into their new position. 
  • Having a poor bond between the bracket and the tooth due to saliva or inflammation. 

Our incredible orthodontic team has years of experience helping patients get the most out of their braces. Following their instructions can help prevent these common reasons braces may come loose.

What to Do If a Bracket Comes Loose?

Your braces include brackets, wires, and other components. If any of these pieces break or come loose, you should call your orthodontist to schedule a visit as soon as possible. Tell the team the situation so they can help you minimize discomfort and make it easier for your orthodontist to resolve the issue.

Problems with braces coming undone are generally one of three issues:  

Loose bracket: The adhesive holding the bracket in place can break or weaken, causing the bracket to come loose. 

Broken wire: Archwires connect to the brackets and help move your teeth into position. A broken wire can poke the inside of your mouth. 

At Lund Orthodontics, we want the best for your smile. It is essential to call as soon as possible to get your braces fixed. Loose or broken braces cannot work effectively, so waiting to get them repaired may prolong your treatment.

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