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Best Dental Braces For Adults

Best Dental Braces For Adults

Many of our patients are adults who are looking to upgrade their smiles. While there’s no shortage of compelling reasons to get braces, some adults are—understandably—concerned that having braces will interrupt their life. 

These adults are pleasantly surprised to learn that recent innovations have made it possible to enjoy a more natural smile without significantly interrupting their life. Modern braces offer style and comfort with sophisticated designs that are less noticeable than ever before! 

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Adult Braces Options

Adult braces are a stylish and comfortable way to get your ideal smile. At Lund Orthodontics, we offer many treatment types of adult braces to fit your needs. 

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Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are a  classic method of treatment. With more contemporary components, this tried-and-true option offers a stylish and sleek way to align your smile. 

What Should You Know About Metal Braces?

  • Traditional braces get results for moderate-to-severe alignment issues
  • Metal braces have strong brackets that stand up against cracking or chipping
  • They work around the clock to deliver results 
  • You will need to be careful with certain foods

Clear Braces

Clear braces—sometimes called ceramic braces—work similarly to metal braces but are made with a nearly-invisible ceramic material. These tough braces are less noticeable to other people because they blend in with your teeth’s natural color.  

What Should You Know About Ceramic Braces?

  • Made of a high-grade ceramic that resists many types of damage
  • Effective results with bite issues, crowding, and spacing
  • Many patients report feeling less discomfort during treatment
  • Fun and easy appointments

Self-Ligating Braces

Self-ligating braces are similar to metal braces but use a bracket that does not require adjustment. Lightweight and chic self-ligating braces use gradual pressure to bring your smile into alignment. 

What Should You Know About Self-Ligating Braces?

  • More comfortable treatment options
  • Durable low-profile brackets and archwires 
  • Inconspicuous design blends into your mouth 
  • Some patients have an overall shorter treatment period


Invisalign‘s clear aligners let you straighten your teeth without relying on brackets or wires. Adults enjoy the discrete comfort of Invisalign that comes out at the flick of a wrist. Lund Orthodontics is a proud Invisalign Diamond Plus provider for adults, teens, and children. 

What Should You Know About Invisalign?

  • We give you some aligner sets upfront so you can regulate your treatment at-home
  • Aligners must be worn for 20-22 hours every day 
  • Caring for your Invisalign means adding a few new steps to your regular cleaning routine
  • Invisalign can help with crowding, spacing, bite issues, and more!

Where Can I Find The Best Dental Braces For Adults?

At Lund Orthodontics, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We will discover the best fit for you during your free complimentary appointment. Our orthodontic specialists will use diagnostic 3-D scanning, x-rays, and thorough visual evaluation to get a clear picture of your needs. 

We also believe that your treatment should match your budget. After your evaluation, our team will go over your insurance and payment options. All of our patients enjoy flexible payment plans with manageable treatment costs. 

Discover for yourself why so many people trust Lund Orthodontics. We are available over the phone, by text message, or online. Book your free consultation now!

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