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Should Adults Get Braces? 5 Reasons to Say Yes

Should Adults Get Braces? 5 Reasons to Say Yes

Advances in braces technology allow adults to enhance their smile and improve their dental health in less time, with more comfort, and nearly invisible treatment options. At Lund Orthodontics, we believe every patient benefits from an aligned smile, no matter their age. To find out if braces fit you and your lifestyle, schedule a complimentary exam at Lund Orthodontics.

1. Many People Are Getting Braces as an Adult

In the past, traditional braces carried a stigma of being bulky and unattractive, but over time, braces have become sleeker and less perceptible. Now, as many as 1 in 3 patients wearing braces are adults. Adult patients can enjoy new treatment options like clear aligners, ceramic braces, and more.

2. Adults Have More Braces Options

Adult braces come in many forms:

  • Traditional metal braces – Traditional braces are the fastest, most proven way to correct adult teeth. Now these braces come with thinner, smoother brackets.
  • Ceramic braces – Similar to traditional metal braces, ceramic braces work to quickly align your teeth using wires and brackets. However, patients love the clear brackets, enjoying the benefits of traditional braces with less obvious treatment.
  • Invisalign – Adults who want to improve their smile without visible components may choose Invisalign. Invisalign offers barely noticeable plastic trays that adjust the teeth over time.

It’s never too late to enjoy a healthier smile. At Lund Orthodontics, we work with you to find the best plan to keep you smiling through the years.

3. Getting Braces As an Adult Can Improve Your Health

While braces improve your smile aesthetically, they also adjust your teeth to address advanced orthodontic issues like uneven bites or an unaligned jaw. Orthodontic treatments also improve the way you chew, talk, and swallow.

Aligned teeth are easier to clean and typically increase your self-esteem. Ultimately, a healthy tooth structure improves your dental and physical health by decreasing the risk of dental decay and other issues.

4. There are Financing Options for Adults Getting Braces

If you feel that braces suit you but worry about the cost, find comfort in the various payment options we offer at Lund Orthodontics.

  • Dental insurance – Some dental insurance covers the cost of braces needed to fix dental and orthodontic issues. Talk to your insurance provider about whether or not your treatment qualifies as insurable.
  • Flexible Financing – We offer flexible financing for all of our patients. Plus, we include in a free consultation appointment and all of our work is guaranteed for life.
  • Varying treatments – At Lund Orthodontics, we work with our patients to find the best plan for their dental health. Discuss your needs and wants with our team to help us find a suitable method for your lifestyle and budget.

5. Adults With Braces Can Get More Confidence

Most patients enjoy newfound confidence when their braces come off. They smile more without worries of crooked teeth. They feel more confident speaking, chewing, and swallowing. Though braces require a short period of treatment, they reap long-lasting benefits.

Need Braces as an Adult in the North of Seattle Area? Contact Us!

So, can adults have braces? The answer is a resounding YES! More adults than ever are getting the perks of a healthy, happy smile.

Are you considering braces to boost your confidence and enhance your dental health? Our caring team at Lund Orthodontics provides complimentary consultations to patients interested in learning more about braces. We offer a variety of plans to individually address the needs of each unique smile. Schedule an appointment today!

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