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Removable Retainers

Finishing your orthodontic treatment is a big deal! Once you no longer need to wear braces or use aligners, you move on to the retention phase. 

Removable retainers can address most orthodontic needs. These retainers feature a modern design that is form-fitted to your mouth. Because they are shaped for you, it is easy to preserve your results with a removable retainer. 

Learn more about how removable retainers work to preserve your smile. Find out more about removable retainers by scheduling your free exam now!

What To Expect While Wearing Removable Retainers

You’ve spent a lot of time and energy getting your new smile. Consistent retainer wear helps keep your teeth in place. Nowadays, removable retainers are the go-to for most retention needs. 

Everyone’s teeth — whether or not they’ve had orthodontic treatment — have a natural tendency to shift over time. Without proper retention, your bite can revert to its earlier asymmetry. This process (known as mesial drift) can put all of your hard work at risk. 

The bottom line is: removable retainers are sophisticated devices with a proven track record of results. The sleek design of removable retainers lets you enjoy more freedom and flexibility during retention.

Whether you need a removable, or permanent appliance, the experts at Lund Orthodontics can help you keep your smile pristine. 

Types of Removable Retainers

There are many types of removable retainers. Lund Orthodontics is proud to offer Hawley retainers, overlay retainers, and Vivera retainers. We will pick the best one for your needs and lifestyle goals. 


Hawley Retainers

Hawley retainers are powerful retainers that combine the power of acrylic and metal to stabilize your smile. These retainers feature wires that run across your frontmost teeth. Hawley retainers can be shaped to match the inside of the lower teeth, or to the roof of your mouth. 


Overlay Retainers

Overlay retainers are made of a slender, transparent material that blends in with your teeth and is form-fitted to your exact tooth position. These retainers come in two sets featuring an upper and lower component. 


Vivera Retainers

Vivera retainers use a lightweight material that keeps your smile in its ideal position. These clear aligners are designed to fit comfortably in your mouth while blending into your smile. Vivera retainers come with upper and lower sets for retention. 


Benefits of Removable Retainers

Our patients love how easy these removable retainers are to put in and take out. The simplicity of the retention experience has the added perk of more freedom. 

Here are some benefits to removable retainers:

  • On-the-go retention.
  • Dependable results.
  • Transparent and lightweight design.
  • Contoured to fit your teeth.
  • Works as a nightguard to protect against teeth grinding.
    Allows for a more comfortable experience.

What to Expect with Removable Retainers

After completing your braces treatment, we will fit you for a retainer that meets your specific needs. Taking care of your customized retainer requires observing some simple care steps. 

Learn more about wearing your retainer, cleaning your retainer, and retainer storage below: 


Wearing Your Retainer

Wearing your retainer as directed protects your investment. During the first part of your treatment, you will need to wear your retainer for 22 hours a day. After a few months of continuous wear, you will transition to needing indefinite nightly wear. 


Clean Your Retainer

Getting the best results requires making sure your retainer is as clean as can be. Every time you brush, spend a little bit of time cleaning your retainer. Be careful to use cold water when you clean your retainer. Hot water may accidentally warp or damage your aligner. 

Retainer Storage

It is important that you protect your retainer. It’s always a good idea to put your retainer immediately back in the case after removing it. Putting your retainer in a napkin risks it accidentally getting thrown away. 

Non-protective storage in your purse or pocket also can cause accidental harm to your retainer. Although your retainer is made of durable materials, make sure to keep your retainer away from pets or children. 


Maintain Your New Smile With A Removable Retainer

Your smile journey is only beginning the day you finish your orthodontic treatment.  Enjoying the lifelong benefits of a healthy smile requires wearing a retainer. Whether you need a removable or permanent retainer, the superstars at Lund Orthodontics are ready to help you attain your ideal smile. 

We have helped people in Lake Stevens, Kirkland, Snohomish — and the surrounding communities — transform their smiles.

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