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4 Ways Orthodontics Can Save You Money​

4 Ways Orthodontics Can Save You Money​

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Whether you’re buying lunch or starting orthodontic treatment, cost is often one of the biggest considerations in your decision-making process. While you are weighing the pros and cons, it’s normal to ask yourself, “how can orthodontics save you money?” 

Some people mistakenly believe orthodontic treatment is limited to only aesthetic benefits and aren’t concerned about having an uneven bite. Often, these people recognize that orthodontic treatment can help improve their day-to-day but are not aware of the cost-savings of a healthy smile. 

At Lund Orthodontics, we know that upgrading your smile does more than give you a confidence boost. Improving your smile with aligners or braces offer some pretty hefty cost savings. Discover the benefits by learning some of the ways orthodontics can save you money.  

There’s never been a better time to start your smile journey. Schedule a free exam today!

#1: Spend Less on Dental Care

Simply put: an aligned smile is a healthy smile. When your teeth follow a natural pattern, they have fewer uneven areas. Fewer gaps and irregularities in your smile mean there are fewer opportunities for food to become trapped in your teeth. When food is trapped in hard-to-reach areas, it breaks down and becomes plaque. Plaque discolors your teeth and contributes to gum disease and tooth decay. 

Improving your smile with an orthodontist makes it easier to clean your teeth. Easier to clean teeth can help you avoid high price tags for future dental procedures. The average adult spends anywhere from $500-$750 for basic dental care. Plus, the cost of care has risen 27% since the early 2000s, and that figure doesn’t show any signs of slowing down anytime soon.

We offer a free observation program to monitor your child’s growing smile. Regular screenings let you develop a comfortable relationship before your child needs treatment. Plus, your kid will get to enjoy some pretty sweet perks by joining our V.I.P. club.

#2: Balancing Out Your Bite

Orthodontic treatment helps even out overbites, underbites, protrusions, and more! An unbalanced bite exerts uneven pressure across the teeth. This imbalanced force makes eating and chewing difficult. Additionally, uneven pressure may increase wear and tear on teeth because they affect different parts of the mouth. Other risks to not having a balanced bite include headaches, speech issues, and even sleep apnea. 

Without intervention, an imbalanced bite may cause you to need expensive interventions like bridges, implants, and crowns. These procedures can run upwards of $3000 per tooth. If you wind up needing a lot of work, you could be looking at a price tag that’s anywhere from $60,000 to $90,000! Compare that staggering figure to the cost of Invisalign or the cost of braces, and it’s clear why so many people choose to restore their bites with orthodontic treatment. 

#3 Get Protection for Your Teeth

Correcting protruding or crooked teeth protects the longevity of your smile. Misaligned bites are more likely to experience damage from tooth chipping, teeth grinding, and excess wear. 

As you age, your arch can settle and cause your smile to lose its defined shape. It’s one of the reasons why adults benefit from orthodontic treatment. Losing your arch can cause your teeth to overly clench and grind. This creates a vicious circle where the extra pressure from grinding can cause the arch to lose its shape, which leads to more damage to teeth. 

#4 Prevent Jaw Problems

Misaligned jaws create extra tension in your smile. Extra jaw tension causes you to clench or grind your teeth in your sleep, a condition known as bruxism. Without intervention, these bite issues can lead to TMJ disorder. Treatment costs for TMJ disorder can cost anywhere from $800 to $3,500. Proper orthodontic treatment realigns your jaw and relaxes the excess tension. Jaw development is especially important for young children. Steps like early interceptive orthodontics can identify jaw irregularities and intervene before developing into more concerning issues.

Get A Free Exam From Lund Orthodontics

Improving your smile is a lifelong investment in yourself. We believe that all people deserve to enjoy the benefits of a vibrant smile. That’s why we offer flexible payment options and easy financing options. Plus, all of our treatment options are backed with a lifetime guarantee. 

Learn more about how an orthodontist can save you money during a free consultation with Lund Orthodontics. Our superstars are available by phone, text, LiveChat, and email to help schedule your free exam.

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